The extensive factory audit (EFA) in China and Asia should be performed before the buyer places an order with a new vendor. This extentive factory audit (ISO 9001) in China or Asia is usually performed during two days at your manufacturer's premises. It judges the manufacturer based on the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2008.
Why need an extensive factory audit in China and Asia?
The extensive factory audit in China and Asia is performed by ISO 9001:2008 certified auditors and follows the ISO 9001 standard and abides by the criteria of the factory norms. With this factory audit you will be fully aware of the status of your business partner,including the full profile of the potential vendors or suppliers.
  • Factory legal status:
  • Factory Profile: name, contact details, licenses check etc.
  • Employees and Workforce: management, QC, workers etc.
  • Production Capacity: office, equipment, production lines etc.
  • Machinery conditions:
  • Clients and Experience: trade history, samples check etc.
  • Documents Verification: licenses, certificates etc.
  • Quality Management System
  • Management System:
  • Design Control
  • Purchasing Control
  • Storage Management
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Production Control
  • Final Internal Product Inspection & Testing
  • Control of Measuring & Testing Equipment
  • Resource Management
  • Continual Improvement
  • Social Environment Responsibility
The benefit of the extensive factory audit in China or Asia
  • Avoiding scams and inexperienced vendors
  • Compare potential vendors and select viable source
  • Check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories
  • Check the factory's experience in manufacturing your product(s)
  • Get the full view of the factory structure, organization, quality process and experience
Extensive Factory Audit Extensive Factory Audit