What is Sorting inspection service or full inspection?
Sorting inspection service(full inspection) can ensure the quality of every product to meet customer requirements.
We will send an engineer and several staff to the scene to pick 100% inspection, to ensure that each product can meet the requirements of clients, all defective products will be detected.
Why should I choose this Sorting Inspection?
The purpose of the Sorting service is to sort out the known issues, a piece by piece inspection is performed on every item to evaluate general appearance, workmanship, function, safety and etc. as specified by you. The SI allows for the removal of all defective products from a shipment. Upon completion, all products which pass inspection are then sealed with BNS Inspection stickers. This ensures that every piece included in the shipment meets your specified quality requirements.
What is the benefit of the Sorting Inspection?
To sort out as many defective pieces as possible, to know the real percentage of defects and ensure there are no defective items in shipment, BNS Inspection provides this specialized service according to Japanese management style quality control practices, and are primarily geared toward high-end consumer goods.
Highlights and benefits of the Sorting Inspection Service.
1. Supervise the seriousness of the quality issues.
2. Check the performance with vendor based on quality issues.
3. How to ensure there are no defectives?
4. The real percentage of defects still affecting your products.
5. Ensure the factory correctly reworks the goods.
Service Items:
  • DUPRO: to improve quality during mass production
  • PSI: to ensure the product meets your specifications and solve problems before shipment
  • PM: to ensure quality and improve processes
  • SI: to sort out all the defect parts as possible.
  • CLC: to ensure punctual & securely loaded SI to sort out all the most important defects.
  • Simple Factory Audit: to check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories.
  • Factory Audit:  to see if your supplier is legal and Confirm your factory has the production capacity and ensure quality.
  • Social Audit: to protect employees and your brand.
  • C-TPAT Audit: to improving the security of private companies' supply chains.