What is a Production Monitoring (PM)?
The Production Monitoring (PM) To verify that the factory operators have the correct production processes to produce your products.
What do we check during Production Monitoring?
We check different production lines and manufacturing processes and we will provide the improving suggestion to your vendor or supplier, the factory will make sure all process running under the products quality control process.
Production Monitoring in China and Asia will take place during production.
Which products does BNS specialize in?
Electronic & Electrical
Luxury Goods
What is a Production Monitoring (PM)?
  • Supervise your production
  • Get professional feedback on a daily basis
  • Understand what the factory's production and quality control processes are
  • Detect discrepancies early and implement necessary corrective actions
  • We check: materials, the condition of the machinery, the training of the operators etc.
Why should I book this quality control service?
If you want more frequent checks and feedback, Production Monitoring in Chinese and Asian factories is right for you. Because you don't know what resources your vendor and factory will put into producing your orders, this is a great way to get constant feedback on the production process. Our Production Monitoring in China and Asia helps you to avoid unexpected costs and delays and ensure that your production process is running smoothly.