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BNS Inspection / Audit Quotations
BNS provides all-inclusive prices for factory audit and product inspections within our coverage area.   The man-day calculated based on the number of inspectors and days of inspection. One man-day means one inspector/auditor works one working day depends on the inspected sampling size in the factory. Sampling size also depends on the quantity and the complexity of the product you ordered.
Mainland China, Africa & Latin America, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh
  • Onsite Product Inspection: US$ 295
  • Supplier Audit Programs: From US$ 385
  • Laboratory Testing: Instant Quote
Europe and Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Rest of Asia.
  • Onsite Product Inspection: US$ 395
  • Supplier Audit Programs: From US$ 650
  • Laboratory Testing: Instant Quote